Disgrace of a Nation

To say I was disappointed with the election of Donald J. Trump as our 45th president is an understatement. I was disappointed not because I’m a Democrat and my candidate lost, I was disappointed because I knew what a Trump presidency would mean for this country or better yet what it said about this country. White nationalist’s and those of the alt-right were beyond dismayed at the election of President Barack Obama, this countries first black president. Black Americans especially were often reminded that racism is real, racism is deadly and now racism has an advocate in the White House with the election of Trump. What many Americans witnessed in Charlottesville, Virginia  and the subsequent response from the president to the violence that resulted in one woman being killed and many others injured was a disgrace.

Former Virginia resident, CEO and President of Global Allied Health Solutions College, Xavier Newman said what happened in Charlottesville was not the general climate of that community. “I lived in northern Virginia for several years and never experienced the vitriol I witnessed the other day.” Newman who served in both the Army and the Navy said, ” I feel like I was a share cropper in the armed forces but I know that I fought for President Barack Obama, I fought for my father and grandfather who both served in the Navy. We live in a country where it’s been okay to be called a racist and make racist remarks but to be called a Nazi is now a problem? That in itself is the problem.”

Some members of the Republican party have spoken up in regards to the presidents statements and moral ambiguity surrounding the alt-right and white supremacist groups but the silence of black republicans on this issue is deafening and just as telling. ‘They are the true share croppers, they are the slaves that beat and killed other slaves to show their masters they’re loyal. They are worse than the slave masters,” said Newman. Many have now called into question the fitness of Trump to continue to serve this nation as its leader.  There was never any question in my mind that he wasn’t fit to be president of this flawed yet great nation. When asked Newman agreed, “He’s a suit. This man was never fit to serve in the office of the president. He is a carnival barker.” The question is, while we as a  nation hang our heads in disgrace, now what? Where do we go from here?




Republicans pass House bill to repeal & replace ‘Obamacare’

House republicans recently passed a bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Trump called on republicans to support this bill and many answered the call.  MSNBC and CNN have both reported that many of the republicans who voted for the bill had not read it, blindly supporting the Trump agenda. What is the Trump agenda? It appears his agenda is to erase and eradicate President Obama’s legacy.  In a recent interview Rep. Mark Sandord (R) out of South Carolina admits he didn’t read the bill in its entirety but felt like there were enough changes to it to vote yes. The bill has to go before the Senate and critics of the bill say it will not pass, but let me remind you that many didn’t think Trump would be our next president. Will liberals and moderate republicans hold the conservative republicans feet to the fire? Will democrats garner the results they desire in 2018? Only time will tell but if there is to be change, we have to be that change.

Monique Smith

America in Reverse

America is one of the greatest nations on earth, period. We have freedoms that many don’t have in other parts of the world. Most Americans believed or at least wanted to believe that the election of the first African American president we were in a post racial society.  This has not been the case. The visual, the reality of a black man sitting in the White House brought much disrespect to him as the president and to the office of the presidency. One step forward, two steps back. Recently referred to as “black Jesus” by a commentator on MSNBC, President Obama had been tasked with saving all of white poor and middle class Americans. The Republicans hammered false messages for the last 8 years caused a huge surge of angry whites at the polls in this last election. They went to the polls and elected a sexist, narcissist, race baiter as the next president of the United States.     Americans have just moved this country in reverse. We still have racial wounds and disparities that have  yet to be addressed. More black men are being shot and killed not only by police but white gun toting citizens who can easily say the “feared for their life” as a free kill a black man pass. I’m so disappointed in us as a Nation but I’m more amazed at the news media represented mainly by whites who have no clue what it’s like to be black in America. They will never ask the really hard questions because even as liberal as they claim to be, they too aren’t ready for the answer.

Dear Hillary Haters

  • This is a open letter to all my Hillary Clinton haters who claim to still be undecided or libertarian party voters:

Dear Haters,

Let me appeal to the remainder of common sense you may still have. Donald Trump is possibly the most polarizing figure to run for office since Jim Crow or Nixon depending on your view. He has managed to insight hate, fear and violence with his rhetoric. His supporters have already vowed to assassinate Hillary Clinton if she becomes president. Yet, some of you refuse to vote for Hillary knowing that a non vote or 3rd party vote is really a vote for Trump. Now Hillary’s political career didn’t always shine bright like a diamond but her intent on helping families in this country has been clear from the start. Don’t believe me just look at her record. I have some reservations about Mrs. Clinton most of which has to do with her husband, former Preident Bill Clinton and his policies. Policies that lead to the incarceration of more black men than any of the previous 5 presidents before him. In this political climate that’s neither here nor there. If you hate blacks, Hispanics, immigrants and truly believe President Obama is a Muslim terrorist then by all means vote for Trump. If you are for the rights or belief that all men were created equal and should be judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin, then you need to vote for Hillary Clinton.


Die Hard Democratic Voter!

Due Date: The Birth of A Trump Presidency

For years the Republican Party has skated on the edge of racism and misogyny yet while asking for the support of blacks, Latinos and women. As long as there was an old white man in the White House even a Democrat, the Republican Party cowered to their racist constituency in the corners and in the closet peeking their head up or out from time to time. Fast forward America and the unthinkable happens… The country elects the first Black President!!!! As they say in the land of Dixie, ‘Oh my word!’ Soon after the election of President Obama, the tea party was born; the ultra conservative and overtly racist arm of the Republican Party. The party of obstructionist will never acknowledge the accomplishments of our current President because it  would actually give rise to the notion that we were created equal and the black man that rose to power as the leader of  highest office in the land during near collapse saved us!!! Ha! White men could never live without their sense of superiority and entitlement. Donald Trump to the rescue! He embodies a liberal America’s worst fears and emboldens the people in the hills of Kentucky, the plantations of Mississippi and some of the poorest farmlands in the Midwest as well as the loyal viewers of Fox & Friends! Every person who thought, ‘Slavery wasn’t so bad’ or ‘why black people so mad?’ or ‘I’m not racist, I have a black friend’.  That is the Trump base. These are the members of the Republican Party who no longer feel the need to be closet racist. They’ve taken to Twitter and Facebook expressing their disdain for blacks. I can’t include Latinos in this last statement because some of these racist remarks have come from direct descendants of Latin America who have assimilated into white culture with their views of superiority and race. I wonder if they are going to help Trump build that wall? The baby born into the Republican Party that is The Donald Trump candidacy is the responsibility of the RNC. The question is; should  the rest of America have to pay for their cheap trailer park trash  one night stand.

Civil Unrest in America

The fabric of America is unraveling, according to White America. Racism has been woven into the foundation of who we are as a country and it’s ever increasing presence in politics , media and the judicial system doesn’t  resonate  with most. We live and function in two different Americas. Whites in this country can’t understand why police would unjustly shoot and kill unarmed black men and women without right or cause. The reality for African Americans is that your son may not survive a routine traffic stop with police or return home from a quick run to the local convenient store. The first snag in our nations fabric was  the end of Slavery in 1863 (1865 if you go according to the 13th Amendment). The privilege of the white establishment was challenged and whites were incensed. So the adoption of several laws restricting the ownership of land, the right to vote or access to a quality education went into effect. These laws allowed for the legalized oppression of blacks in this country. The Civil Rights movement put an end to Jim Crow Its a new day, desegregation and assimilation is in full force and we are all riding on rainbows, interracial dating and marriage is accepted (black men rejoice),  and every white person has claimed at least one black person as their friend. We should forget about  slavery and racism stuff right? It’s  in our past.  Just when we thought this country was ready, we elect this nation’s first black president. President  Obama was no ordinary negro, he is a Harvard educated lawyer who married an educated black woman. The bonus , his mother was white. He really confused some with this profile, the Republican establishment spent time and money to try and prove he wasn’t American. Epic fail . A recent CNN reports states that White Americans are the angriest in this country. Racism among whites and other ethnic groups that occupy the country slaves built is unprecedented. Just recall the tweets from Latinos directed at Steve Harvey after his Miss Universe fumble. Social media has given racists a platform. The name calling and degradation of blacks on FaceBook and Twitter is at an all time high. The disrespect that this president has endured is incomprehensible, yet there are blacks in this country who are oblivious. This country is experiencing a civil unrest.  Let’s look at the popularity of  Donald Trump, he speaks to the rural part of this country, the “hicks ” in the hills. His hateful rhetoric makes him sound like a crooner to the last living Dixiecrats of the South. His hate of this President and other minority groups is what is appealing to his supporters. The running theme of politicians since 2008, is either “Taking America Back”, like somebody stole America. Well, ok George W. Bush did technically steal America in that 2004 election but hey who am I to point the finger. Donald Trump claims he’s going  to “Make America Great Again”. For whom is he making America great for ? For the white teenager who killed 4 people and got off on the defense that his “affluence” caused him to not know right from wrong and that defense actually worked, I say for him, America is already pretty darn great!  A white militia group has taken over a small federal wildlife building in Oregon. They are armed. The media calls them “armed protesters” , I say LOL to that. This group has publicly announced that any intervention from law enforcement will result in the loss of lives. They have reportedly told authorities that any interference from law enforcement may result in the loss of lives.  Meaning, they are prepared to shoot to kill.  Oddly enough, the national guard hasn’t been called in ( like they were in a Ferguson) no public officials have appealed to the masses for calm or asked the militia group to lay down their guns. Black America better wake up. The civil unrest in this country may lead to another civil war and blacks in this country will find themselves once again fighting  for their freedom.

– Monique Smith

A Call to Action: Recapping the Justice or Else Rally

On Saturday, October 10, 2015, thousands of Americans descended upon our Nation’s Capitol in Washington, D.C. to demand change at the Justice or Else rally.. With many illustrious black leaders speaking out against the injustices perpetrated in our communities at the hands of hate filled police officers and self hating blacks, a call to action was made. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan asked us to take our financial resources, redirect them starting with a financial boycott of Christmas. Collectively Black Americans yield over $450 Billion consumer dollars. The question is; How do we change the mentality of lack and poverty that causes is to live beyond our means? The mentality that will have you buy you child a $400 video game system and they’re failing in school? I’m joining this fight and encouraging you to join me. While you may question the direction of this movement or disagree with some of the self proclaimed leaders at the helm, or whether you got too many “other problems” to worry about this, I encourage you to fight because it’s the right thing to do. Perhaps it will matter to you more when it’s your son or daughter shot dead in the street by someone that because of your inaction was allowed to do so. I’m good with boycotting Christmas, are you?

Monique Smith